Solar Control Films

We have a wide range of solar control film products for commercial and residential applications, including reflective and tinted window films, UV and heat rejection films, coloured and frosted tints. If you are not sure what film is best for your purpose, just get in touch.


Window Tinting Services

Safety and Security Films

Safety film is a clear high quality polyester film designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage and by containment of dangerous shards if breakage does occur. Security films are designed to make glass more difficult to break through in retail outlets.


Manifestations and Graphics

It is a legal requirement to make sure that large expanses of glass are clearly noticeable, especially in public areas or corporate buildings. Manifestations consist of a repeat pattern of dots or squares, or any design of your chosing. we can even supply printed manifestations with intricate details.


Privacy and Frosted Films

An easy and cost effective way to make an area more private without losing natural light. Frosted film is a very versatile product which can be cut with simple patterns, or printed on.


Bespoke Printed Wallpaper

Our bespoke printing service enables you to have any hi resolution image or artwork printed on wallpaper. We can use your old postcards, phtographs, or any high resolution stock images.


Shop Window Graphics

Though we have a dedicated shop window graphics website where you can order stock designs or create your own text based stickers, we can also supply and install your very own designs.


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