Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't window tinting for cars?

Window tinting is very popular in the automative industry, and relatively unknown in the UK as a residential or commercial solution for solar or safety control. In fact, window tinting films for buildings are much more sofisticated than window films for cars, as they have to be more durable, of a larger format and offer solutions to problems ranging from excess heat to UV control.

How long does window film last?

A typical film will come with a 10 year warranty and will last many more years after that. Maintenance is very easy. just clean with soapy water.

I need some bespoke graphics printed for our office. Can you help?

We can print graphics on window film, frosted film, vinyl film and wallpaper. Just supply your artwork, the type of material required, and an indication of sizes, and we'll have a look. Images should be at least 300DPI, and logos and text graphics supplied as a PDF.

I need help sourcing images for our project. Can you help?

Your best option is to go to a stock photographs site like Fotolia or Istock who have 1000s of images and graphics to choose from. Just send us the reference number of the image and we'll take a look at it to see if it's suitable.

Which area does your window tinting service cover?

For residential and commercial projects, our window tinting service covers the whole of London and the South East. For large installation projects, we have teams available through out the UK and abroad. Just get in touch.

Do you install window film for homes?

Yes we do. Our window tinting service extends to residential properties. However, it might not always be cost effective and as window film is a DIY product, it is often more economical to do the work yourself. You can purchase window film from our supply only website, There are video tutorials to help with your window tinting project.

Do you have a solution for conservatory roofs?

Yes we do. We have purpose made films designed to be applied to either glass or polycarbonate (plastic) conservatory roofs. The associated costs of supplying and installing the film are a fraction of what it would cost to have conservatory blinds made and fitted, and the results in performance and visual effect are far superior. For tricky jobs and large factory roofs where internal application is not always practical, we also have a range of external conservatory and plastic roofs films.

What options are there to gain privacy in our office?

For internal partitions and windows and doors, frosted window film is by far the cheapest and more effective option. The material is also very versatile, allowing us to either cut designs out of it, or print logos and images onto it. Frosted film is applied directly to your existing glass, and will make clear glass look like etched glass.

On some office blocks, you will have noticed that some windows are very reflective and that you can't see inside the building. In most cases, the windows have been covered with a solar tint which is commonly known as mirror film. The film allows you to see out whilst giving you privacy internally, and as a bonus the film will help cut down on excess glare and heat generated by the sun. The only drawback is that the reflective effect only works during daytime hours, when the film is exposed to sun light.

Do you have a tint against excess glare?

Whether at home or in the office, excess sunlight and glare can make life very difficult. Trying to watch TV and a computer screen can be a challenge, and more worryingly can lead to headaches and long term issues. When it comes to glare, the only option is to reduce the amount of sunlight using a tinted or a reflective window film. Most films come in different strengths but the darker the better. So on a south facing window, we would recommend a dark film for example.

If I put tinted film on my windows, how much light will I loose?

A good way to describe it would be for you to wear a pair of sunglasses indoors. The darker the glasses, the more light will be stopped. However, if you wear the glasses for a while, your eyes will naturally get used to the lower level of light and compensate for it. The film works in exactly the same way, it will feel darker at first, but after a while, you won't even notice that the room is darker than should be.

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